Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner - Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Christy Cooling services LTD offer a full range of Air Conditioning Installation Services. From ceiling mounted air conditioner units, wall mounted air conditioners, ducted AirCon, coldroom storage, multi split system, cellar coolers and cabinets.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall Mounted air conditioning Units are designed for various applications ranging from domestic and residential air conditioning units, offices, shops, restaurants, bars, doctors surgeries & IT computer rooms.

The smaller range of wall mounted air con units have now been designed for domestic and residential use due to their size and low operating noise levels.

The domestic air con units are compact and have a slim height profile to enable the units to be located on walls and above doors and window openings. All pipework can be connected and any drains can be gravity or quiet condensate pumps. The systems either have wired or infrared remote controllers.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner

Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner in Chelmsford

Ceiling mounted air conditioner systems are designed for commercial applications: Offices, Shops, Retail Stores, Meeting Rooms, Open Plan Areas, Show Rooms, Restaurants, Hotels, Health & Leisure Centres & IT Computer Rooms

Ceiling Mounted air conditioning units can fit just above the ceiling and the only part showing is the grille attachment making this a perfect commercial air conditioning unit.

All drains and pipe work can be concealed within the ceiling void, which exits out of the building to the outdoor Condensing unit. On the smaller rated units, these are suitable for residential use, due to the low noise levels.

Multi Split Air Conditioning Units

Multi split air conditioning units are ideal for large open plan areas (from 60m2 to 6000m2) such as: Open Plan Offices, Retail Stores, Convenience Stores, Large Restaurants, Fitness Clubs, Workshop Areas, Night Clubs, Conference Rooms & IT Computer Room.

The smaller multi split system air conditioners which are generally inverter driven are suitable for small office units and domestic installations, where one x 240volt power supply would power up to 4 or more individual indoor units on either heating or cooling. A multi split aircon system would also save on the space required for the outdoor Condensing unit.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted aircon units are designed for both residential and commercial purposes ranging from ppen plan offices, shops, fitness clubs, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, banks and of ocurse domestic homes.

These are above ceiling units and connect to the ceiling grilles via insulated ductwork, and depending on the application these can be installed with a in-line silencer to reduce the noise levels. The outdoor Condensing unit is balanced to the indoor unit. The units can be on a Multi split, VRF or an individual basis. VRV/VRF (VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW)

VRV/VRF Two Pipe Systems are designed for Open Plan Areas, Retail Stores, Cellular Offices & Hotels which would require heating or cooling during the same operating periods. VRV/VRF Three Pipe Systems are designed for areas where there is a mixed requirement for some areas to be cooled & others to be heated, e.g. a Retail Store where concentration of lighting or customers levels would dictate a combination of simultaneous cooling & heating.

On VRV/VRF Systems there is a mixture of 3 pipe or a 2 pipe systems. Mitsubishi Electric have a 2 pipe system to go to a BC box to have either cooling only or heating only or cooling & heating simultaneously. The majority of manufacturers will have a BSQ Box where you would run to the individual units on a 3 pipe system. Most manufacturers are looking into development on the forgoing systems.

Coldroom Storage Installation

We are able to supply, deliver and install a wide range of coldrooms designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Cold Room storage are used to store items such as fruit & vegetables & also at a slightly lower temperature, meats and fish. Cold Rooms are also required to store frozen foods at temperatures of -18oC to -21oC and Ice Cream at a temperature of -25oc.

Cellar Coolers

Cellar Coolers are required to store beers for Public House, Restaurants & Hotels.

In addition to this we also supply & install Wines Stores with an operating temperature around 4oC, with low velocity cooling.


There are a wide variety of Cabinets available for various requirements from commercial refrigerators, bottle display cabinets, to freezer display cabinets. Whatever your requirements for cooling, heating or air conditioning in Essex or London, we can help. Get in contact with Christy Cooling for a no obligation, FREE QUOTE today on 01277 841 500.