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If the level of refrigerant is too low, your compressor can shut off and cause short cycling if the air conditioner is activated. Therefore, the refrigerant levels need to be the same all the time for the system to work properly to prevent short cycling.It is advisable and a wise decision to invest in the best home heating or cooling equipment. There is no better way of making this investment worthwhile than getting the best air conditioner in the market. Air conditioning is all about the control of humidity, cleanliness, temperatures and movement of air in an enclosed space.

For some people, air conditioning may seem like a luxury, but for many home and business owners, it is a necessity that is not easy to turn away from. However, for an air conditioner or air con (AC) to be effective, you have to understand how the system works. Significantly, it is wise to comprehend how to use an AC perfectly, and how to better take care of this device.

Days are gone when the available air conditioning systems used to have robust problems. Today, there are more energy efficient designs that you can opt for. It is also easy to upgrade or replace your office air con, as the latest AC models can still heat and cool your settings and save you extra money.

What to Know About Air Conditioning – An Overview

To heat or cool your home or office effectively, you need to have the best air conditioning system. Selecting the right air con in the market can be quite daunting. You have to make the right decisions and gather robust information about air conditioning before you place an order. One mistake many people in need of an air conditioning make is failing to get the right type of air conditioner.

There many types of air conditioners that you can choose in the market. You should not make a rushed decision because choosing the right type comes down to whichever design that fits your needs, available space and your set budget. Here are the most effective types of air conditioner readily available in the market. Have a look;

  • Central Air Conditioners

central air conditioner

Central air conditioning is one of the exceptional ways to cool your home or office. It is a remarkable and effective cooling system that comes with an external condenser unit. This model sits outside the house and expels heat and has an evaporate coil that aids to cool the air inside the house.

The central air conditioner cools your entire house but not specific rooms. It comes as either a split central AC or as a packaged air conditioner.

  • Ductless Air Conditioners

split air conditioner

The ductless split air conditioner is a great design for homes that don’t have the ductwork to distribute cool air that a modern ducted air con system needs. It comes with indoor units that help cool air in homes and can be mounted on walls or ceiling.

  • Portable Air Conditioners

portable air conditioner
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This is a portable air con design that is also commonly referred to as a windowless air condition and can be moved from one room to another. However, it requires venting to easily get rid of hot air and moisture produced by the unit. Major drawbacks about this air conditioner model are that it is quite noisy and it is also not aesthetically appealing.

Air Conditioning Problems- AC Turning On And Off

Air conditioning is a necessity in almost every region in the world. For many people, life can be agonizing without the best air conditioner and more unbearable, if the AC is not working effectively. It is imperative to keep your air conditioner in tip-top condition to enjoy ample time at home and work.

To Solve Your Air Conditioning Problems – Call Air Conditioning Installers

There are common problems that can arise with your best air conditioner model. These are the typical reasons that make it hard for your air conditioning system not to work properly. An AC that has a dirty filter, a not working thermostat, leaking coolants and corroded coils are some of the commonly cited air conditioning complications.

You may be aware of some of the more common issues associated with air conditioners, but wait until you find out your home air conditioning keeps turning on and off. It is a persistent problem that can be quite distressing and costly if you don’t fix the issue as soon as possible.

An air conditioner running for a few minutes and then turning on and off can be an unbearable nuisance. This is a common condition affecting air conditioning in most homes that are also widely known as short cycling. It can cost you a lot of money when it comes to general repairs and higher energy bills.

Besides causing cooling and heating issues at home, short cycling also speeds up the amount of damage to your air conditioner. Short cycling takes place when the cooling cycle is cut short drastically by certain conditions. This effect causes the AC compressor to start, stop and then restart once more and frequently than anticipated.

What Causes Short Cycling

If it is the first time you are noticing your air con keeps turning on and off or you are learning about such an air conditioning problem, fret not. It is a common air con problem that has been affecting many homeowners over the years. You will not be the first air conditioner owner or user to experience such a snag.

You need to stop worrying, is it normal for an air conditioner to turn on and off? There are many possible reasons many air con users will cite. And here are the key reasons why short cycling occurs;

• Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

Air con filter is an important part of the air cooling and heating system. Filters help clean the air that circulates via the air conditioning system. This air might be contaminated with pollen, dirt, bacteria, mould and even metal particles that are harmful to human health.

Filtration takes place when expended air is brought back to the cooling and heating system to be conditioned and then distributed in free space. A dirty filter can easily restrict airflow to the air con and in a manner that the coils will freeze up. This will cause the air conditioner to turn on and off prematurely and the circle will continue for a while.

Without properly functioning evaporator coils, your system will struggle to complete the cooling process. A dirty filter will also cause the air conditioning system to work harder and this can lead to a surge in energy usage and increase in monthly energy bills.

• Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant is an important part of the air conditioning system. Without a properly working refrigerant, there would be no refrigeration, freezing or air conditioning technology. Air con comes with a refrigerant inside its copper coils and when the coils freeze, the air con can start turning on and off for short intervals.

If the level of refrigerant is too low, your compressor can shut off and cause short cycling if the air conditioner is activated. Therefore, the refrigerant levels need to be the same all the time for the system to work properly to prevent short cycling.

• Oversized Air Con

An oversized air conditioner will easily cool your house, but fail to reduce humidity levels. This will lead to frequent shutdown and startup. This will also make your rooms hot and cold unevenly and lead to a surge in energy bills.

If the air con is too big for your house specifications, it will blast your home with cold air and shut down quickly. This will lead to large temperature swings and will stress the entire system leading to more heating and cooling problems.

• Location Of The Thermostat

At all times, your thermostat should be located or placed in a central location. The thermostat should be placed away from air vents and from windows. If your thermostat is placed close to an air vent, the air conditioning system may be tricked into thinking that your home is cool, as it will sense the cool air that is blowing over it. If your thermostat is also bad, this effect can lead to short cycling problems.

• Blocked System

Air conditioners work effectively depending on the water circulation on the system. However, the pipes or systems in the air con might get blocked due to factors such as; dust, living organisms, dirt and other unwanted things. This may lead to short cycling and the system will not be able to heat and cool your house.

• Broken Remote Control

For many people, this may not be a major problem with their air cons, but this is an issue that may cause your air conditioning system to start turning on and off regularly. To rectify this problem, it is wise to get a new remote control and manage the function of your air con easily.

Final Thought

Short cycling is a problem that can affect your home in many ways. It is known to lead to increased energy bills, high chance of air conditioning breakdown, as well as shortens the lifespan of the system. It is wise to contact a trusted professional who will diagnose and solve this problem.

The good news is that Christy Cooling Services have a team of experts who are well-conversant with air conditioner repair and maintenance. You just need to say, my ac turning on and off and you will have an expert at your doorstep within a few minutes. Get in touch with them and learn more about air conditioning systems.

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