Air Conditioning Tips and Advice

Air Conditioning Setting Symbols Explained


Investing in an air conditioning system is one and using it another thing altogether. One of the biggest challenges that most people face when they buy a new air conditioner unit is using the remote. That is because manufacturers use symbols for their remotes. So you need to understand the air conditioner remote control symbols […]

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Hottest Day of the Year So Far

hotest days this year

In winter, everyone wants to stay indoors and keep warm. We long for warm weather and will do anything to travel in time to the next summer. But this year, we got our wish and maybe a little too much of it. On the 25th of July, MET analysts recorded a jaw-dropping temperature of 38.7°C […]

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Air Coolers UK – Best Mobile Air Conditioners to Buy

The UK is currently experiencing an intense heat period, and all her residents are trying to keep the heat away. Central air conditioners have been the go-to solution for many residents in the UK. However, portable air conditioners or mobile air conditioners are gradually proving to be equally effective. Their portability offers convenience and flexibility, […]

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The Best Portable Air Conditioner Unit for 2020


Godzilla, Manticore, King Kong, and Basilisk, to name a few, are all infamous fictional monsters. It’s alright if neither of these strums the chords of terror upon your soul. They are fictional after all. We don’t intend to scare the daylights out of you, but since we’re on the topic, let’s get more realistic. There’s […]

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Dehumidifier vs Air Conditioning


We all love that good feeling when we walk into a cold room from the hot outside. Or when you do not find water in your basement. Great, right? There is nothing as terrible as a wet basement. Many people rely on household tools like dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Well, there are questions that homeowners […]

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Air Conditioning Turning On And Off


If the level of refrigerant is too low, your compressor can shut off and cause short cycling if the air conditioner is activated. Therefore, the refrigerant levels need to be the same all the time for the system to work properly to prevent short cycling.It is advisable and a wise decision to invest in the […]

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Should I Get Air Conditioning at Home?

Should I Get Air Conditioning_ – 10 Reasons You Should Buy an Air Conditioner

You may invest in the best home or residential property, but fail when it comes to equipping your property with the right facilities. An air conditioner (AC or air con) is one of the best facilities that you can install in your property. If you don’t own an air con or don’t know the benefits […]

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Air Conditioning Installation Guide | Things to Consider

When summers are around the corners we really need that relaxing and peaceful cold place. If you don’t have air conditioning systems, there is no better time than this to install one. But when installing an air conditioning system, it is important to know what brand you are trusting for the purchase. Check for SEER […]

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20 Ways to Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is a Must

save energy

We all know how our homes can become unpleasantly hot and humid, especially during the summer. This makes it necessary to install air conditioning systems to increase the comfort in our homes or offices. Air conditioning can help you maintain a comfortable environment by reducing excess heat and humidity. It can improve the quality of […]

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Why You Need Christy Cooling Services

Christy Cooling Service

A cooling system is an important necessity in your home; more specifically during summer. The system makes a difference between enjoying cool comfort as you relax and spending sleepless nights. With a functional system, you are guaranteed a cool environment in your home for sleeping and relaxation. Hiring a professional to install a cooling system […]

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